Croatian Robotics Digital Innovation Hub (CROBOHUB), hosted within ICENT, is the key Croatian non-profit facility to support companies to become more competitive by improving their business/production processes as well as products and services by up-taking digital technologies and robotic solutions.

CROBOHUB acts as a one-stop-shop, helping Croatian and South-East European companies to digitalize their business through efficient orchestrating of various stakeholders in the robotic innovation ecosystem such as research institutions, business support institutions, and businesses operating in the field of robotics that may contribute to the development and application of advanced robotic systems in manufacturing. CROBOHUB also provides connections with investors, facilitates access to financing for digital transformations, helps connect users and suppliers of robotic innovations across the value chain and foster synergies between digital and other key enabling technologies (such as biotech, advanced materials, etc.).


Region and country

  • City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, Croatia

CROBOHUB mission

The mission of CROBOHUB is to make a significant contribution to the development of high-tech industry in Croatia in a short term, and South-East Europe (SEE) in a long term, through strong existing research foundation and development of innovation in robotics by:

  • using the knowledge and expertise of robotics research groups across the Western Balkans, dominantly using knowledge and expertise in ICENT and UNIZG-FER with more than 50 researchers,
  • increasing the competitiveness of the Croatian/SEE economy,
  • closing the gap between Croatian/SEE R&D&I performances and the leading EU MS ones.


The vision of CROBOHUB is to become the leading digital innovation hub in robotics in South-East Europe. In order to achieve this CROBOHUB will focus on the following activities:

  • enhancing research, development and innovation in the field of robotics,
  • supporting pre-commercial and commercial development of robotic systems for specific applications in cooperation with end-user companies,
  • providing support services that will enhance the take-up of digital technologies by SEE manufacturing industry,
  • participating in national and international R&D&I projects in the field of advanced robotic systems in cooperation with companies and research institutions,
  • raising awareness about CROBOHUB activities in order to bring it closer to the innovation ecosystem stakeholders.


  • Main contact point for helping businesses in Croatia and wider in digital transformation management in order to increase the competitiveness of their processes, products and services,
  • Access to the latest trends, technologies and innovations in robotics relevant to products, processes or business models of micro, small, medium and large enterprises,
  • Access and assistance in using the L4MS Marketplace, the one stop shop that offers European manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises access to “smart service” package, which includes technical support, business mentoring, skills and financing in the field of logistics automation,
  • Access and expertise related to pilot experiments demonstrating highly autonomous, adjustable hybrid (human-robot) logistics solutions run by the business needs of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • Innovation ecosystem building and networking of various value chain stakeholders (centres of competence, support institutions, investors, state administration bodies, vocational and lifelong learning institutions) in the expert domain of autonomous and cooperative robotics systems, with special focus on support to manufacturing companies through the organization of various events, lectures, workshops, round tables, etc.,
  • Linking with investors, facilitating access to finance for digital transformations, matchmaking end-users and suppliers of digital innovations across the value chain and fostering synergy between digital and other key enabling technologies,
  • Awareness raising and strengthening about the importance of co-operation between business and academia sector and encouraging it,
  • Professional education services that include training courses and workshops for employees and industry engineers in the field of latest trends in production automation, which will contribute to the development of smart skills of employees and industry competitiveness,
  • Education and support in intellectual property rights protection, technology transfer and commercialisation of innovations for business and academic community,
  • Participation in national and international research, development and innovation projects in the field of advanced robotic systems in cooperation with businesses and research institutions.