Institute for advanced components technologies

Izvor svjetlosti

New advanced components are often the backbone of the revolutionary technological leaps and numerous innovations, either in terms of miniaturization, price cuts or entirely new possibilities. Disruptive technologies arising from research and development of advanced components start new trends and create markets.

  • Core technologies: optical and electronic elements based on new materials, advanced electronic devices for communications, analogue and mixed signal integrated circuits in nanometre- and micrometre-scale technologies, thermal management, electro-magnetic compatibility, metamaterials with application in THz domain, and optical spectrum for communications.
  • Laboratories:
    • Laboratory for Optical and Electronic Design
    • Laboratory for Nanomaterial and Semiconductor Processing
    • Laboratory for Assembly and Qualification

Ultra-stable light sources

tehnologije-naprednih-materijala-2Intelligent RFID

tehnologije-naprednih-materijala-1Bipolar transistor with horizontal current flow