Director of Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla (ICENT) prof. Nedjeljko Perić and director of Information Systems Security Bureau (ISSB) Robert Žunac signed Cooperation Agreement about cooperation in research and development, scientific and educational projects on 7th of December 2016.

Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla is the leading constituent of the innovation ecosystem in Croatia for applied research and development in the field of engineering and related applications that guide Croatian society and economy towards competitiveness and sustainability. It integrates scientific research, innovation and commercial processes for setting up new industrial technologies, products, services and business models in many fields including information and communication technology and information systems security, areas in which Information Systems Security Bureau is the central state authority responsible for technical areas of information security of the Republic of Croatia state bodies.

Through cooperation with Croatian scientific and research and development institutions ISSB encourages new forms of knowledge transfer, further development of its own capabilities and raising of overall security level of information systems in the Republic of Croatia, as well as creation of preconditions for raising the competitiveness of the Croatian economy in the field of information and cybernetic security.