On Monday, 27th of March 2017 2nd workshop on research and innovations in robotics organized by Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla as a part of CROBOHUB project was held at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). 60 representatives of companies, faculties, universities and government institutions from Croatia, Serbia and Germany attended the workshop.

The workshop was opened by prof. dr. Nedjeljko Perić by presenting ICENT and its activities. Then dr. sc. Davorka Moslavac Forjan, technology and market analysis manager at ICENT, presented the results of CROBOHUB project. Adam Schmidt from Technische Universität München presented funding possibilities and open calls in H2020 HORSE project, funding source for CROBOHUB project too. Dr. sc. Matko Orsag from FER-a presented the activities in robotics of laboratories LAMOR, LARICS and LABUST.

Head of Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) Department for technology development and IT Mr. Emil Ilija Perić presented the results of study on the situation in robotics in the region, which is performed as a part of CROBOHUB project. The study showed that all countries in the region except Slovenia (data from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) are in the initial stage of using robots by the industry and the production of robots and robot parts is in its infancy.

Round table about robotics as unused potential of the Croatian economy was also organised. The participants were: prof. dr. Nedjeljko Perić as moderator, prof. dr. Zdenko Kovačić from FER, prof. dr. Bojan Jerbić from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB), Boris Balać from the company Inteco and prof. dr. Kosta Jovanović from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The problem of inadequate number of robots in the companies as well as their inflexibility in the production process and the high purchase price was highlighted. Mr. Balać told his experiences related to the cooperation with FER on the development of a robot for inspection in nuclear plants. Prof. dr. Kovačić and Mr. Majetić from the company DOK-ING, which is producing robots for demining and firefighting, expressed their doubts about the accuracy of the HGK study results, saying it is necessary to define exactly what the term robot means and develop a methodology for future studies. In the end, all the participants agreed that it is necessary to have robotic hub like CROBOHUB in the region, which will connect all the important stakeholders in the ecosystem in order to strengthen cooperation between science and industry and thus strengthen the competitiveness of the Croatian economy.