CybersecRDI, Digital Innovation Hub covering cybersecurity and situated in Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla, was recognized as a fully operational by European Commission on January 18th 2018, and consequently was introduced into the Catalogue of fully operational Digital Innovation Hubs maintained by European Commission. The purpose of this Catalogue is to give support to networking of DIHs with support of regional, national and European initiatives for digitalization of industry. The profile of CybersecRDI DIH in the Catalogue can be accessed via the following link.

By introducing CybersecRDI into the Catalogue, it become one of only few fully operational Digital Innovation Hubs in EU devoted specifically to cyber security. CybersecRDI DIH is the key Croatian non-profit facility to support companies to become more competitive by improving their cybersecurity as well as cybersecurity products and services by up-taking education, research, development & innovation activities. More about CybersecRDI DIH can be read here.