ICENT robotics team demonstrated the prototype of the AGV solution tailor-made for the intra-factory logistics problem of Muraplast company, one of the three Pilot Application Experiments in L4MS project.

Muraplast d.o.o. is leading and most modern producer of polyethylene blown film in Croatia and Southeastern European region. The problem they face is the transport of heavy PE film rolls from the production line through the factory floor to the warehouse area. At the moment this is done manually and with significant use of man power.

The solution developed and demonstrated by ICENT team introduces AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) in this process in order to reduce the occupational health hazard of workers involved in lifting of heavy rolls. The automation will lower the wrist, arm and back harm risks. Expected is also faster production as well as more accurate, better resource allocation.

Video of the demonstration is available here.