Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla contributes to the growth of the Croatian economy based on high technologies, primarily in the sectors of energetics, transport, automation and robotics, advanced components, biomedical engineering, and information and communication technology.



Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla is the leading constituent of the innovation ecosystem in Croatia, and Danube region in perspective, for applied research and development in the field of engineering and related applications that guide Croatian society and economy towards competitiveness and sustainability with the strong support of ICT.



  • Reducing the risk in developing new and innovative products by using experts from ICENT, its modern equipment and infrastructure in order to bridge the gap between research institutions and industry;
  • The risk is reduced by taking the development of α- and β-prototypes as well as the early stages of the production process in ICENT by using public and / or private funding;
  • Facilitating and accelerating the successful commercialization of new technologies in key areas for the Croatian economy and society;
  • Creating conditions for young professionals (predominantly PhDs) to develop their professional careers in Croatia.


ICENT and University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

ICENT has its roots in the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) and is established with the aim of creating a third dimension - innovations based on scientific research. Partnership between ICENT and FER creates a powerful driver that activates the academic and research community for the benefit of the development of the Croatian economy and society.