EARTO – The European Association of Research and Technology Organizations, founded in 1999, promotes RTOs and represents their interests in Europe and has over 350 RTOs in more than 20 countries. EARTO members represent 150,000 highly qualified researchers and engineers who manage a wide range of innovation infrastructures. We can proudly point out that the EARTO network, as its new member, also welcomed ICENT and welcomed it to the network system. The main activities and roles of ICENT in EARTO will be based on applied research and development, business and strategic consulting and commercialization of intellectual property with the strong support of ICT. We would like to thank EARTO for its membership and look forward to cooperation and future projects, and we hope that joint missions will contribute to the growth of a high-tech economy, primarily in the energy, transportation, automation and robotics, advanced components, biomedical engineering and information and communication technologies. You can read more about membership at the link.